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Saturday, September 25, 2010

NIKE Air Yeezy - Glow In The Dark Edition

Glow In The Dark, cool eh? :)


- 100% Quality Guaranteed shoes
- Actual pictures taken from shoes
- Available size: US size: 8 - 8.5-9.5-10--11--12--13
- Price: RM300
- Low price and stylish (up to date trend)
- Please choose CODE number and SIZE before purchasing
- Make your order here: LINK
- Contact person: Megatt - 013-6651981

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  1. bro....yg nie kene jemur ke x payah???selalu bende glow inthe dark kene jemur kkat matahari...yg nie kene gak ke???

  2. Biasa la tu, kena charge gak. Tapi biasanya bila dah expose matahari/lampu ke...dia terang lama gak arrr. Lain la kalau mmg simpan dlm gelap je. Hehe...tapi kasut ni still gempak :)

  3. owh..kalau kite jalan jalan kat mall then masuk tempat gelap die teros bercahaya la???

  4. yup bro asal kn expose to light, mmg design ni hot dan fast selling, yela spe xnk kasut glow in the dark, rare collection ni bro :)

  5. What is your physical addresss???I want to purchase the Air Yeezy